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    NBCU recognizes e-mail as a simple and cost effective method of communication; however, requests and inquiries requiring immediate attention should not be sent by e-mail.

    NBCU representatives may not be able to immediately review your e-mail message. E-mail messages will not serve as a sufficient method for any requirement imposed on you to provide written notice, nor may any e-mail messages be used to place a stop payment on a check, cancel a bill payment, request account transfers, or report lost or stolen banking codes, cards or checks.

    Private personal and account information such as Account Numbers, Passwords, PINs or Social Security Numbers should not be sent by e-mail!

    Note! If you have a question about your account or need an immediate response, or if you prefer to speak to a representative during normal business hours, you may call (508) 994-6546 for assistance or send an email to no-fuss@nbcu4u.com.