No Fuss Loan is for REAL! Simplify your high interest debt and SAVE BIG!

Do you have high-interest, unsecured debt from credit cards and personal loans following you around? Lower your monthly payments, reduce your high interest rate, or simply pay much less interest on your credit cards outstanding balances. NBCU can change quickly your financial wellbeing with a No Fuss debt consolidation loan.

  • Make one single payment
  • Get a fixed rate
  • Save money on interest rate

Maximum card APRs are especially costly nowadays! is great source for researching credit card options. It only considers a card’s lowest possible interest rate when calculating the national average. However, most credit card offers advertise a wide range of possible APRs — particularly on general market and rewards cards that appeal to a broad audience.

A year ago, most credit card offers capped maximum APRs at 25 percent or lower. Only 18 out of 100 cards tracked by last December charged a maximum APR above 25 percent. But now, cards with maximum APRs below 25 percent are distinctly in the minority, with most cards now charging maximum APRs as high as 27 percent.

Among the cards tracked by, for example:

  • 61 out of 100 cards now charge maximum APRs above 27 percent.
  • 77 out of 100 cards charge maximum APRs higher than 26 percent.
  • Only 14 out of 100 cards advertise a maximum APR below 25 percent.
Amount BorrowedInterest RateTerm Yrs.Total Cost of Loan
XYZ Credit Card$5,00026%3$7,252.31
NBCU Consolidation Loan$5,0007%3$5,557.88

Saving for NBCU $1,694.43

  • (*) APR – Annual Percentage Rate. Member must qualify for rate. Borrow $5,000 for 3 Years at 7%, Pay monthly $30.88 per $1,000 borrowed. Cannot be used to pay off existing NBCU debt. Offer is valid for limited time. Rates subject to change without notice. Savings example for illustrative purpose.